Angelico ventures
We see the world free of aging and disease
Angelico Ventures
Our mission
Help ensure that advances in health are created and shared with those who need them the most.
Our vision
Become a global leader in changing the practice of healthcare.
Investment Focus
Diagnostics, medical devices, gene and cell therapy, bio pharmaceuticals, digital healthcare, healthcare services.
Yves Decadt
Chairman of the board

CEO at BioLingus. Top positions at Stragen Pharma, SkyePharma, Centocor, JnJ and Janssen Masters in Bio-Engineering, Masters in Industrial Business Admininistration from University of Ghent. Masters in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Medicine, Free Universisty of Brussels. Executive business program at IMD

Yuriy Oreshin
Managing Partner

Founded Angelico Ventures in 2008 Investor in CureLab Oncology & Aiternis Co-Founder of Alvansa Ltd (Alium) Worked as the Director of Licensing and Business Development at HSCI Darla Moore School of Business

Alex Khorokhorin
Managing Partner

Venture capitalist, business angel, investing in biotechnological and healthcare Companies (Oncological biomarkers, preclinical trials, anti bio-corrosion) He has Master Degree in Civil Engineering, PHD in World Economics and EMBA in Kingston University UK.

Aleksandr Vvedenskii

Master of High School of Business, MSU.
He has experience in financial modeling, negotiations,investing and M&A deals. He has work experience in banking (Roseurobank) and consulting (Ernst&Young).

Our Process
We do global Business, Technology, Investment research to help you make solid investment & divestment decisions in competitive business environment.
Strategy Development
We develop market dominance strategies including industry consolidation and M&A.
Investment and Management
We help great entrepreneurs fund and develop great companies at all stages to dominate global marketplace.
Portfolio Companies
Why choose us?
High Performance
Our Team members created a multi-billion dollar anti-aging medicine industry. Raised over $358 million for companies of their clients and their our own healthcare ventures. We are ready to go further - in the fight against diseases of the century: oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.
High Integrity
We are always ready to provide our sincere advice.
Healthcare Focused Approach
Our Team works to extend lifespan and healthpan for our families and your families putting health first.
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